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OUR SERVICES    We take deadlines seriously...

WE FOCUS on SBA & Small Balance Commercial Lenders and Trust/Estate Planning Clients. It is the key to our success. Client satisfaction is our proof.  We streamline our process in order to provide high quality work in short time frames. 





When we promise 2 weeks,

You get 2 weeks.


2 Weeks:

We proudly offer 2 week delivery on most general purpose, owner-occupied industrial, office and retail properties. 2 week delivery can also be expected on apartment properties.



3 Weeks:

Schedule permiting, we will always agree to 2 weeks. However, most multi-tenant commercial (industrial, retail, office), new construction assignments, and special purpose properties may require a 3-4 week delivery.



It's Simple:

We've been honoring short delivery times since 1999. Tell us what you need; if we can accomodate you, we will. We work very hard to agree to shorter delivery requests and our promise under any circumstances is to strictly adhere to agreed upon delivery dates.





Our business model is based on serving our clients with integrity, diligence,  efficiency and professional compliance.


In addition to our promises to you on our home page, we expect you will also find us ...



















With decades of service, our team has over 200 years of valuation experience that include MAI designated appraisers, and appraisers with Masters Degrees.  All appraisers are California state licensed with general commercial certifications. 


We are pledged to providing professional and timely valuation services that are  extremely sensitive to your intended use. We are confident that our level of service and commitment to  SBA lenders and the Trust / Estate Planning community.


Our Estate Tax and Planning clients can expect the same level of expertise and dedicated service.


Thank you for the opportunity to earn your trust.  We invite you to CONTACT US


TO OUR CLIENTS  We want you to know...

It is our function to report, analyze and conclude to an independent and dispassionate opinion of value. We are 100% accountable to our clients for each engagement and take full responsiblity for all final reports.

Ted P. Douglas, MAI and Andrew P. Mitrosilis, MAI




Responsiveness is simply respect. We feel that acting  responsibly is a direct reflection of our comitment to both our clients' needs and our desire to serve.


We are known for our extremely responsive services during the entire appraisal process, from engagement through review.  












We strive to provide a high level of service with both fair and competitive fees.


Our fee schedule is job specific and directly determined by the scope of work.


Based on the client's specific requirements, we will provide a prompt and firm quote.





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